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    Internet Addresses with a Higher Purpose


    Call to Action Virtual Voter Outreach Messaging to Grow Every Election Cycle


    Anchor your media videos with dot com slogans to reinforce and inspire citizen engagement

    Invest in Our Democracy


    Many of the these web addresses may be available for purchase or partnership



    The future health of our Citizens, our Democracy and our Planet are on the ballot

  • AllAboutTheVote.com & ElectionAssets.com

    are an artist designed visual/virtual portfolio of campaign centric, voter outreach Internet addresses.

    This series of text based art by the sculptor Bradley Arthur was created to

    strengthen the power of citizen participation in the Democratic process.

    Simple powerful virtual destinations that can boost voter outreach branding

    and reinforce long term voter engagement


    Invest in Our Democracy

  • JustGoVote.com


    Embody the message


    "Empower We The People"


    The most significant election in modern history


    The only leverage 'We The People" have left is to VOTE


    Digital assets designed to "TurnOut The Vote"

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    How to defeat Trump and the GOP








  • Anchor your traditional media and online social media videos with call to action

    visual Internet addresses that keeps the messages imprinted in the mind of viewers,

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    Seeking concerned citizens interested in educating and instilling the power of voting

    to the millions of Americans who do not vote. Any of these curated names are designed to build long term

    voter communities. Join me in protecting & keeping these premium Internet properties out of the wrong hands

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